Interreg - IPA CBC

Joint actions for prevention and reduction of the consequences
of disasters in the municipalities of Sandanski and Radovish

Key figures

Start date:



24 months

End date:


Total Budget of the project:

587.931,97 EUR

EU co-financing:

336.851,57 EUR

Municipality of Radovish co-financing:

191.636,00 EUR

State co-financing:

59.444,40 EUR

Project Background

The series of destructive natural disasters in 2017 have led to severe human, environmental and economic losses in Europe. The region is significantly vulnerable towards climate change while it is very weakly prepared to respond to natural hazards and disasters adequately.

Floods have a serious impact on the economic, social and local situation in the region. The cross-border region is subject to torrential rains during the summer with increased frequency and duration. As a result, the river basins of the main rivers in some critical areas are unable to accept the waters of these precipitation. This leads to flooding of the terrain, and further to floods with extremely unfavorable consequences for the areas, such as destruction of the available infrastructure - bridges, roads, even loss of human lives, etc.

As a result of increased rainfall, the municipality of Sandanski and the municipality of Radovis suffered from floods caused by the rivers SandanskaBistrica and the river Sushica and because of the bad weather conditions and climate change, the significance of such a project is great.


1.Information and publicity campaign which will allow promotion of the activities, events and results of the projectin the cross-border region;

2.Preparation of Guide “A collection of good practices for combating the climate change consequences in communities” which will be distributed in Bulgaria and N. Macedonia,and will aim to increase the awareness of the policy and decision makers in the cross-border region;

3.Organization of open workshops on climate change and “green” activities in Bulgaria and N. Macedonia with the aim to increase the awareness of young people on the climate change consequences, and related risks such as erosion, flooding, storms and drought etc.;

4.Organization of roundtable discussions on mitigation of climate change in order to mitigate the consequences of climate change in Bulgaria and N.Macedonia, for support and exchange of good practices, experiences and knowledge on the various measures for mitigating the consequences of climate change;

5.Infrastructure activities in the Municipality of Sandanski – arrangement of a part of the SandanskaBistrica riverbed and flood area including the construction of several correction walls of different length and gabions facilities according to the technical designs, cleaning and arrangements of the river bed, strengthening and creating dykes and river banks, etc. Additionally, afforestation and reforestation of the river basin will also be included, as a measure for reducing the erosion and quieting the noise created by the river flow;

6.Infrastructure activities in the Municipality of Radovish – arrangement of the 624 meters section of the river, by cleaning the river bed, setting up cascade thresholds, a quay wall, arranging the bottom of the river bed, building stairs on the quay wall and ramps to create access to the river.Also afforestation and reforestation of the river basin is predicted.


Implemented climate change adaptation mesures related to the significant reduction of the risk of flooding in the Municipalities of Sandanski (Bulgaria) and Radovish (N.Macedonia);

Constructed green infrastructure that will contribute to the reduction of the adverse consequences of flooding, which at the same time provides additional benefits regarding carbon storage, noise reduction and biodiversity;

Increased awareness and knowledge of young people on the climate change consequences and their influence on the cross-border region, as well as on the possible measures to address those issues;

Fostered communication and exchange of best practices, experiences and knowledge on the various measures for mitigation of climate change consequences among the various stakeholders of the communities in the common cross-border region;

Improved quality of life and increased security against natural disasters in the cross-border region.

This project is co-funded by EU through Interreg-IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria - Republic of North Macedonia

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